Walk the dogs

2-5 players • 30 minutes • 8 & up

“…the game comes with sixty-three rubber dogs. The cries of “how cute!” and “Wow, look at the dogs!” ring out every time I bring the game to the table. And there’s no denying that the dogs DO look good on the table and are attractive. But what about the game?

“The game is a very simple one of set collecting (sets of dogs), with a small bit of “push your luck” involved. The game is probably too simple to please die hard gamers, but has worked well in every casual situation I’ve tried it in (I’ve played the game almost a dozen times since receiving it): my very young children, with groups of adults, and with the teenagers that I teach. All of them have enthusiastically received it…

“The sixty-three dogs are put into a bag and randomly drawn out, being placed in a winding line that goes around in the center of the table. There are seven different breeds of dogs – each easily distinguishable from each other. A pile of dog cards is shuffled, with two cards being dealt to each player, and the rest forming a deck in the middle of the table. The player whose name is closest to the letter “D” goes first, and then play proceeds clockwise around the table…” — review at boardgamegeek.com


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