Mathd potatoes

A math game filled with lots of family fun! Roll your dice trying to hit the required value so you can move ahead. If you fall behind, don’t worry. There are several ways to “ketchup”! A great introduction to various math operations.

Players turn over a Math Challenge Card on their turn, and then roll dice to try to get a result that meets the requirements on the card. The Challenges have varied requirements; some require an exact number, and some allow an answer from within a range of numbers, while still others demand an answer that is even or odd.

On their turn, the player rolls dice, some with numbers and some with math operators (+ or -). Players must use all the dice in any order, so long as the number dice are separated by operator dice. If no solution is found, they may reroll some or all of their dice.

On numbered spaces, the Challenge must be solved in a number of attempts less than or equal to the number shown on the space. Some spaces picture a potato and are a “Hot Potato” zone, where any player may win. All players compete at the same time to see who can solve the Challenge first.

When someone wins a Challenge they roll a Number Die, move that many spaces, then take another turn. This continues as long as they are able to solve the Challenge, and passes clockwise when they can’t.

When a player passes the Ketchup Packet marker, anyone who is behind gets to slide forward to the closest “Catch Up” space. The first player to reach the final space on the board is the “Sweet Potato” and wins the game.  2-4 players.  30 minutes.  Ages 8 to adult.


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