Farkel & Grabbage set of 2 bags

What, you haven’t heard of Farkel, the fast-paced, fun dice game? Each player takes a turn rolling ten dice until they either Pass or Farkel, depending on what you roll. You can press your luck by rolling the remaining dice, or score your points earned. Then the next player rolls to add to your score or start new. We know you will also enjoy having fun with the complete rules for ten MORE dice games like Bumble Bee, Sequences, Centennial, Best Ball and more. Great for the entire family.

Grabbage is a card game where 2 or more groups of people try to obtain 4 of a kind in a deck of cards. Once collected, the person having the winning hand secretly signals his partner to stop play by saying “Grabbage”. Cards are traded in the center of play, and scoring is based on whether you get your secret signal out without the opposing team picking up on it. Grabbage & More also comes with 10 other solitaire and group card games. Grabbage & More comes with 3 decks of playing cards, rules on a ring, 10 scoring chips, a wipe-able scorecard and marker, and a bag to carry it all in.  1-6 players.  20 minutes.  Ages 8-adult.


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