Dog Diaries series

For anyone who has ever wanted a puppy, the DOG DIARIES series tells a dog’s story in a new way–from a dog’s point of view! Focusing on a different breed for each book, starting with a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd, these stories are based on true dog stories or on true-to-life situations. With realistic black-and-white illustrations by renowned illustrator Tim Jessel and an factual appendix, dog-loving early chapter book readers will beg for more!

  • Buddy (accelerated reader 4.4)
  • Fala (accelerated reader 5.0)
  • Rolf  (a.r. 4.0)
  • Tiny Tim (a.r. 5.3)

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#2 Buddy; #8 Fala; #10 Rolf (paperback)