• Welcome!  I am so glad that you are visiting my website.
  • I am a Literacy Coach.
  • Literacy is vital because our society is text-based.  Without reading skills, a child is helpless to live his own life.
  • I have spent my life helping kids learn to read, read for fun and information, and research whatever subject they can imagine!
  • I have recently found a company that has hidden the necessary skills for literacy inside of fun games, creating such happy times that the kids insist on playing them every day.  We have developed a routine of “Clean up, pajamas, 2 games, and then bedtime”.  It’s amazing how enthusiastically and quickly the kids clean and dress themselves when they know that games are waiting for them!!

Ordering information for books or games

If you live near Syracuse, call me 574 – 457 – 5008 to see the books or games in person.

Connie L. Ward of Syracuse, Indiana  (574) 325-0135  ward@cedarstone.org