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Peanut Butter Cookies with only 4 ingredients

PB cookies


I have a couple copies of Paula Deen’s My First Cookbook and decided I should try a recipe so that I can tell moms how useful the book is…or warn them to avoid it.? I searched the index for peanut butter and found a recipe for cookies that is as simple as mix egg, sugar, and peanut butter, cook for 10 minutes, then add a Kiss.? (She has more detailed instructions, knowing that kids who are just starting to cook will need to be told to discard the eggshell.)

You’ll notice the chocolate part is flat not peaked; I didn’t have Hershey Kisses, so I used Sugar-Free Reese’s PB Cups.? Another substitution I made: I used Splenda instead of sugar because I’m low-carb.? Then I didn’t pay enough attention to the instructions and put the PB cups in the middle of the cookies?before I cooked them instead of after.? And yet they tasted great!? I am so impressed by how good they taste.? I’m used to needing flour and brown sugar and various spices to bake cookies, but these cookies didn’t need any of that stuff to be delicious.? And imagine how much better they would have tasted if I had done them correctly!

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