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New website soon but not today

I have liked my website being just a stream-of-consciousness with photos to demonstrate what I’m saying, but now I want a site that shows off the books…like the way my favorite dress shop shows off their dresses. 

I have so many unique titles that I won’t add and take photos of everything, because I would spend all day replacing the photos of sold books.  I will add some books from each type of book, puzzle, etc. that I carry so that you can get a small taste of what is here. 

If my webmaster son can do it, will be a very different place when you return.  If you son/daughter wants to learn coding, bring him over to the store to get one of our coding books! 


Free book for everyone

 I was so busy today, my feet are aching from standing all day.  I normally have enough time to sit between guests coming into the store, but I didn’t sit today till about 7:30.  It was fun to give away free books to all the people who dropped in, and I look forward to another reason to do it.  Be assured that when I do, I will announce it on the CedarStone facebook page a day ahead of time, just as I did yesterday.  To everyone who passed by and chose a free book, Thank You! 

Beautification of the bookstore

Katie Mueller, a local artist from Winona Lake has loaned the bookstore a few of her paintings to display on our walls till next month. This was painted in Bremen. We also have paintings of a canal with stunning blue water and bright green trees; a lake with an orange and purple sky; a lake with an orange sun; and a beautiful ocean of waves with a red sunset. Gorgeous. The water paintings make me think of Lake Wawasee and Syracuse Lake, and this painting makes me think of how much little kids (and sometimes big kids) love trains! But it also seems hopeful or depressing, depending on my mood: train tracks are full of possibilities, both good and bad, because they could lead to anywhere…


CedarStone Bookstore is proud to announce that we have SIGNED copies of The Scary Snow Day by Kyle Derby Pratt available in the store now! Ms. Pratt is a local author from Noble County who has graciously given each copy of her book a personal inscription and signature. 710 N. Huntington St., Syracuse, northern Kosciusko county. Open 12-8p.m.


Did you know that children who put puzzles together before they have learned letters or numbers will do better in math when they are school-age? The puzzles can be of anything: animals, superheroes, etc. The subject matter isn’t as important as the trial-and-error and spacial imagination that’s needed to complete a puzzle. CedarStone has puzzles with pegs or magnets, raised puzzles and jigsaw puzzles, and book/puzzle sets. We even have 3-D puzzles for older kids. Stop by the store this evening to see all our puzzles. You’re sure to find one that your child will love! ($5.99-$13.99)

Video of Storytime area & Mother’s Room

Rick Riodan series

UPS brought us new fantasy novels from author Rick Riordan, recommended to me by Zack.  Zack said we need to have them here, so now we have them! We have the first novel in each Riordan series, so if you’ve read one complete series and loved it, come in and look over his other fantasy works; I’m sure you’ll find something new to love. 

Here is a review of book #1 in the Magnus Chase series. Be sure to stop the video at 2 minutes, though, because after that, it’s full of spoilers. That reader is so excited about this book; I wanted to start reading it for myself. But I won’t. I’ll let you buy it and read it…then I’ll get 2 copies next time so that I have 1 for myself!

A home library can have a powerful effect on children

“immersing children in book-oriented environments benefits their later educational achievement, attainment and occupational standing ”

“Having books around the house can substantially level the playing field in reading and math skills even without the expense of post-secondary time in the classroom.”

Spend your child’s college fund on books today instead of saving all of it for college when he’s older; it’ll do more for him.


  • Open 12-8pm each day. Closed Sundays.
  • 710 N. Huntington St., Syracuse, IN 46567

Website was updated, and now there are question marks everywhere

I should just ignore the question marks, right?  Just pretend they aren’t there.  I can do that. 

  • Good article about reading here

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Peanut Butter Cookies with only 4 ingredients

PB cookies


I have a couple copies of Paula Deen’s My First Cookbook and decided I should try a recipe so that I can tell moms how useful the book is…or warn them to avoid it.? I searched the index for peanut butter and found a recipe for cookies that is as simple as mix egg, sugar, and peanut butter, cook for 10 minutes, then add a Kiss.? (She has more detailed instructions, knowing that kids who are just starting to cook will need to be told to discard the eggshell.)

You’ll notice the chocolate part is flat not peaked; I didn’t have Hershey Kisses, so I used Sugar-Free Reese’s PB Cups.? Another substitution I made: I used Splenda instead of sugar because I’m low-carb.? Then I didn’t pay enough attention to the instructions and put the PB cups in the middle of the cookies?before I cooked them instead of after.? And yet they tasted great!? I am so impressed by how good they taste.? I’m used to needing flour and brown sugar and various spices to bake cookies, but these cookies didn’t need any of that stuff to be delicious.? And imagine how much better they would have tasted if I had done them correctly!

To make this recipe (and many, many others), call me to get your copy of Paula Deen’s My First Cookbook for $21.99.

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Only a few more days till the Elkhart county 4-H fair

This is so exciting!!? I have about 10 boxes of books to bring to the fair this year.  But not all of the books I bought will be there because *someone* saw Illustrated Stories from Aesop and just had to buy it for her son.  And who could blame her: the pictures are luscious.  Her son and his little sister are loving storytime! 

She also bought Peek Inside Beauty & the Beast and a couple other books.  The little girls really like this version of Beauty & the Beast.  As soon as I finished reading it to them, one of the girls said, “Read it again.”  Success!

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Why you shouldn’t homeschool

If you haven’t read about why you shouldn’t homeschool (by a homeschooling mom), you have to read it. Be ready to laugh, because she goes through all the reasons that non-homeschooling people mention as to why we shouldn’t do it.

Acting out one of our many plays.  Pink Panther is playing the part of one of the nephews of Thystes
Acting out one of our many Greek plays. Pink Panther is playing the part of one of the nephews of Thystes

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Why play is important for babies and toddlers

[click here to find toddler games]

Play might not be the first thing on your list when youre busy changing dirty diapers and getting up for 4 AM feedings. However, even the smallest forms of play early on are important for your babys development.

Simple forms of play are ideal for babies and toddlers. It gives them a developmental boost that helps them the rest of their lives. Plus, whats more fun than making babies laugh?

Play Starts At The Beginning

Play begins from day one. While your newborn cant play with toys and run around like a toddler would, they still benefit from being talked to and shown new things. To them, this is play because its helping them to discover the world around them. This early form of play helps form a foundation for them to continue learning and socializing.

Play Affects Social, Emotional And Mental Development

  • Splashing in water while taking a bath helps develop basic motor skills
  • Reading to your child helps develop their language skills, even before they can speak
  • Playing with crayons helps toddlers start learning how to write and comprehend
  • Puppet shows start teaching important social skills

While these might seem minuscule, theyre major milestones for babies and toddlers as they learn to thrive in the world around them. Play isnt just something kids do for fun, especially at this young of an age. Play is a type of exploration that helps them develop emotionally, socially and mentally.

Play Boosts Brain Development

A shocking 75% of brain development happens after birth. This is why play for babies and toddlers matters. The earlier you start, the better it is for their development. Babies are eager to learn any and everything. After all, they start as a blank slate and its up to you to help them develop through playful interactions.

Play Is How Kids Grow

Think of early play like school. Each grade builds upon what a child learned in the previous grade. The same goes with play. The types of games change over time, but thats just because theyre building on the skills they have already developed from earlier forms of play.

Remember, its never too early for children to start playing. Whether its playing with you or themselves, play is a vital developmental tool.

SimplyFun blog

[link to this article]

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New books for the summer

To see all the new books, meet me at the Elkhart county 4-H fair July 20th to July 28th. This is just the first shipment. The other books are still on the way!


Just a few of our newest books – publishers are Usborne & Kane Miller.

Just a few of our newest books - publisher is Usborne & Kane Miller
King Arthur (graphic novel, ages 12+), Axel & Beast (chapter book, ages 7-11), Are You There Little… (board book)

Illustrated Stories, chapter books, That's Not My...
Illustrated Stories, chapter books, That’s Not My…

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How Young Children Are Wired To Learn From Play

Having fun and playing is actually educational.
You already know children love to play, but did you know that young children are actually wired to learn from play?
Play isn’t just something enjoyable for kids. It’s a vital educational tool that helps with their lifelong development. Their brains are made to experience the world in a playful way.
Children are born with 100 billion neurons. During the first few years of life, the brain goes through a variety of changes as children go through various experiences. As children begin to learn new things, the number of synapses per neuron increases, going from 2,500 to around 15,000 by age 3.
The way children form these vital connections is important. For instance, in one study, children who were given specific instructions on how to interact with a toy only learned one thing that the toy did and they became bored quickly.
The second group of children were allowed to freely play and experiment with the toy. The result was an exploration of all the things the toy could do and highly engaged children.
To read more about important learning windows, how children are wired to learn from play and how unstructured play is an important companion to structured learning, visit the SimplyFun blog article, “How Young Children Are Wired To Learn From Play”.
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Math books

Illustrated Math

Illustrated Elementary Math

First Illustrated Math

This Is Not a Math Book (for artists)

Pete the Cat’s Got Class (addition)

Math Puzzles (activity book)

Times-Tables (with dry erase marker)

Lift-the-Flap Times Tables

Questions and Answers about Time

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication mats

1st Grade math, reading, and writing workbook

Pre-school math workbooks

Numbers mat

Numbers workbooks

Numbers dry erase books

Numbers sticker books

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When your kids are learning, they need reference books. Depending upon google to find answers is a bad idea because google finds everything the internet has to offer instead of just the sites that have accurate information! Don’t let the internet fill your child’s memory with nonsense; give them the facts.

homework helpers UPDATED

Very active kids learn better when they are moving while they learn. Usborne has that covered, too, with theirLook InsideandSee Insideseries. Peek Insideis for the youngest ages,Look InsideandLift-the-Flapare aimed at elementary-school aged, andSee Insideis written for the oldest kids. [Don’t let these guidelines stop you from getting an older book for the younger ones, though. And don’t forget a pure-fun book such asWrite and Draw your own Comics.]

09 25 comic bk

Reviews from the website:

ART TREASURY: “I could not be more happy with this book! It is like an art history class and an art production class in one. I plan to use it as an art curriculum for our home school year. There are 22 works of art featured from all different genres. For each piece, you read information about the individual piece and the artist. Then you turn the page, and there is a project to do inspired by that piece. I have never seen another book quite like this! As an art history nerd with no artistic talent, I am thrilled to be able to expose my daughter to art history and have a guide to encouraging her to create art herself. This may be my favorite kids book of all time!”

CHILDREN’S ENCYCLOPEDIA: ”My kids cannot get enough of the Children’s Encyclopedia. My oldest two (ages 6 & 8) have read it together, cover-to-cover, many times, and will spend hours scanning the QR codes to find more information about the topics they’re currently interested in. This is a must-have for any home library!! We also really love the flexi-binding. It has held up well to the constant tough-love it receives in a house full of boys!”

COMICS: “This is the best book for traveling, and the concept was brilliant! Great for anyone who is into graphic novels or comics, and best of all, totally professional. Must-buy product!!!”

  • “My son LOVES this book! He has come up with so many ideas since I gave this to him. It includes great writing prompts, drawing instructions and theme ideas as well as lots of spaces for writing your own comics. I plan on saving this for him so that as he gets older, he can look back on some of his ideas.”