CedarStone business card

    • Welcome! I am so glad that you are visiting my website. Look around, but you won’t have as much fun here as you will when you see the books, games, and other fun things in person. Be sure to bring the kids/babies with you when you come.
  • CedarStone Children’s Bookstore sells books for ages pre-natal to teen.
  • Literacy is vital because our society is text-based, and as much as I like my kindle, electronic is just not as good as paper when it comes to learning and loving to read. Without reading skills, a child is helpless to live his own life.
  • As a librarian and teacher, I have spent my life helping kids learn to read, read for fun and information, and research whatever subject they can imagine!
  • Then I found a company that has hidden the necessary skills for literacy inside of fun games, creating such happy times that the kids insist on playing them every day.  Come over and see the games for yourself.

We’re located at the stoplight in uptown Syracuse, Indiana, Kosciusko county.

710 N. Huntington St.

Open Noon-8pm each day. Closed Sundays.

The store is on SR13 at the stoplight in uptown Syracuse. If you’re coming from the north, just pull off the road as soon as you pass through the intersection with the stoplight, and you’ll see my shop across the street. If you’re coming from the south, go through town, and as you’re going up that hill, you’ll see a row of businesses on the right; mine is the one just before the intersection with the stoplight.

Call (574) 325-0135 or email ward@cedarstone.org if you need more detailed directions.