1. Follow this link to have books shipped directly to you from the warehouse
2. The Bookstore is now located inside the Hart City Supercenter Mall in Elkhart, which is on SR19, Nappanee St. 

(574) 325-0135 

  • CedarStone Children’s Bookstore sells books for ages newborn to adult. 
  • Literacy is vital because our society is text-based. and as much as I like my kindle, electronic is just not as good as paper when it comes to learning and loving to read. 

As a librarian and teacher, I have spent my life helping kids learn to read, read for fun, and research whatever subject they can imagine!


  • I also have puzzles, which are so important for making those math-related brain connections, and educational games.  Both puzzles and games create such happy times that the kids will insist on playing with them every day.  Come over and see them for yourself.  Puzzles range from 3-piece for infants to 3000-piece for adults.